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Getting the maximum care when it comes to your health is paramount. However, it can be a task for the doctors and nurses to keep the patient history of more than 100 patients as well as to fill out and prepare diagnosis cards for each and every patient.


The District General Hospital in Negombo commenced the building of a brand-new Paediatric Building for the consultation of doctors for the public. However, there were a number of issues that persisted when it came to filling out the diagnosis cards by doctors as well as keeping up with patient history as the patients would more often than not, forget the previous medication that they were on.

Execution and Result

To cut down on the time taken as well as to make sure that medical histories of patients were readily available, A system was developed that stored the history of every patient. This enabled doctors to fill out diagnosis cards online and access data whenever necessary and thus increasing efficiency by almost 80% when trying to retrieve records compared to the traditional “file” method. This system had the ability to print the diagnosis cards for the benefit of the patient. This cut down the amount of time that doctors take to manually fill diagnosis cards by a large amount while also making it more convenient for doctors and patients both with regard to the patient history and previous medications that they have been on ensuring the safety of each patient whilst driving efficacy to the next level.

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